CONTRUST is a team of professionals that builds an effective and socially responsible business. The CONTRUST’s success is based on experience and knowledge of the Russian market’s leading players combined with an opportunity of advantages employment of CONTRUST’s partners at the international market. Alignment with requirements of present and prospective consumers allows CONTRUST to obtain their loyalty, to maintain and increase their quantity and its share of market.

CONTRUST, which has more than 13 years’ experience of work at the Russian market, possesses a wide knowledge and modern technologies (including independently developed by the group of companies’ staff) under its belt. This makes it possible to achieve desired goals in the most rational and effective way.

CONTRUST develops partnership relations, which are based on trust, exchange of knowledge and integration, with its partners. CONTRUST aspires to mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners in the sphere of financial, juridical, managerial, and investment consulting.

The Group of Companies CONTRUST has approved itself among its clients as a reliable partner in the sphere of consulting.

In August, 2010 the Group of Companies CONTRUST passed certification audit in certification authorities of quality management systems “VNIIS-SERT” of the JSC “VNIIS” and received a compliance certificate № РОСС RU. ИС11. К00623. The certification audit confirmed conformity of a quality management system, operating in CONTRUST, with requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008. The field of certification included services associated with settlement of debt obligations, legal services, services for audit and book-keeping.

Our principles

  • Rise of the clients’ satisfaction
    In all its projects CONTRUST aspires to meet the requirements of consumers and, if it’s possible, to exceed them.
  • Improvement of services rendered
    CONTRUST finds it necessary to take permanent measures that are necessary for improvement of quality of services rendered, while using in its activity innovative results of leading specialists’ researches.
  • Growth of the employees’ professionalism
    CONTRUST is interested in professional development of its employees, in growth of their intellectual and practical erudition, because presence of knowledge, which corresponds to the market’s requirements, has an impact on the quality of services rendered.
  • Development
    The goal of every employee of the Group of Companies CONTRUST is to improve the services’ quality, processes and systems permanently.
  • Systematic approach to management
    Our aim is to ensure confidence of concerned parties in coordination, efficiency and performance of activity of every company that forms a constituent part of the Group of Companies CONTRUST.
  • Culture
    We have common values and culture in the organization.

Our advantages

  • Secure partnership
    We pattern our behavior on a long-term partnership, which allows us to provide our clients with secure services and recommendations that correspond to their individual needs.
  • Overall solutions
    We offer overall solutions that meet expectations of our clients, and sometimes even exceed them. A customer, who addresses to us, receives a solution not only of his main problem, but also of all accompanying questions and tasks that have appeared suddenly and that are connected with the area of concern. This became possible due to consolidation of different organizations in a unified group of companies.
  • Individual approach
    Our services are based on an individual approach to the customers. It is noteworthy that every client receives his own manager, who supervises a case of this customer from the moment of his visit to the company till completion of the comprehensive service.
  • Competence
    Understanding of the business’ tasks that are within our competence allows us to grant complex solutions that enable our clients to achieve their strategic goals and to acquire log-term competitive advantages.
    CONTRUST that has a proven experience of long-term partnership relations is open for cooperation with new partners and ready to develop individual offers concerning future collaboration.
  • We are looking to cooperate with you
    CONTRUST aspires to create favourable conditions for development of its partners’ business. We help them to focus their attention on their principal activity, while taking subsidiary tasks of their business upon ourselves. This measure is necessary to improve efficiency of their work considerably.
    CONTRUST offers professional support rendered by highly qualified specialists in the field of legal, financial, administrative, and investment consulting to analyze and solve problems that can appear in course of functioning and development of the partners’ business.

CONTRUST presentation